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Run Your Cloud Platform Everywhere. 

With a9s Platform.

A fully automated multi-cloud platform solution for public and on-premise environments.

Easily run modern application developer cloud platforms.

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Running a Multi-Cloud Platform Has Never Been Easier

Multi-Cloud Out of the Box

Fully automated Cloud Platform solution tailored to your business needs.

Run the same automation across several infrastructures to operate multiple platform environments.

Run Cloud Foundry on Top of Kubernetes

Easily deploy your Cloud Foundry on a Kubernetes cluster with integrated 
cf-for-k8s functionality.

Benefit from the advantages of both technologies like the Cloud Foundry Developer Experience in combination with the lightweight Kubernetes experience. 

a9s Data Services are Coming With 
2 Flavors

Solve the data service challenge with fully automated data services. 

Equip your application developers with data services running on strongly isolated BOSH based VMs or in fast and light-weight Kubernetes containers.

a9s Platform

Based on our years of experience working with Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and data services, we bring you a turnkey solution to bootstrap rock-solid production-grade and standardized platform environments.

Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and/or Kubernetes Container Runtime

Lifecycle automation included

Enabling your operations team with operations support or full remote platform operations, updates and capacity management including proven standards around all setups

On-demand dedicated

Full lifecycle automation

High-availability & Self-healing

Key Features of a9s Data Services

Common Features of a9s Data Services

On-Demand provisioning of dedicated, well isolated Service Instances

Service Plans to create Solo and Clustered Service Instances

Highly-Available Data Service Instances


Run Kubernetes as a Service in Your Environment

Allow your clients to use the power of Kubernetes for their own projects while keeping the a9s Platform benefits. 

a9s Data Service Bundle included 
in a9s Platform